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Written Works in Collaboration with Mural Artists TEAM from Views Festival 2023

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Be The Light: Series

June, 2023

Be The Light

Be the light….

Light the direction that life will grow

Light brings comfort in letting us know

Know there’s safety when you can see

Know eventually you’ll find the peace

Peace that we search for from day to day

Peace is all around us, but sometimes we stray

Stray into the wilderness, away from the noise

Stray into isolation, in hopes this destination

Destination will bring the calm after the storm

Destination a place that one can be reborn

Reborn in a sense of needing rejuvenation

Reborn with a new confidence and a new vibe

Vibe the energy that one can sincerely feel

Vibe full of love, high energy, or just chill

Chill a vibration of calmness attracting like in nature

Chill naturally balanced and also relaxed

Relaxed to a point that you can finally see truth

Relaxed when you realize the answer is within you

You are the home of this internal fire

You have the answers, but must keep the desire

Desire to lead others who are in a dark place

Desire to speak life and edify the hearer

Hearer the one who has been waiting for direction

Hearer being sent for the knowledge you carry

Carry deep within because of your experience

Carry with a torch signifying an over-comer, now WINNING.

Written by Mabeline “The Artist”


June 4th, 2023


The natural beam

Of your generosity

Increasing the probability

Of me following you to the origin.

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