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Poetic Calendar of Events for February 2023

#February #Poetry #Calendar #Feb2023 #BHM #BlackHistory I hope you’re motivated to #create and share beautiful works that are inspired by the lives of Black Men and Black Women of the past and or today who have impacted the way that we now live. #BlackHistoryMonth 🎤✅ For those who have interest in #Poetry and #Art that is #created in any format using #words as the foundation, please join the #WordArt #Community at as many of the events listed below that your schedule will al

How they made you feel

"People forget alot of things, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." ~Dr. Maya Angelou 🌱Have you recently joined a new community? If so, what are some of the 1st impressions that you remember? My goal in building an ongoing growing Word Art #community is to always let people know that their presence will make a fine addition to our group. It's not about how good you are when you start, it's about your willingness to trust that we can and will grow together. #p

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