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Poetic Calendar of Events for February 2023

#February #Poetry #Calendar #Feb2023 #BHM #BlackHistory I hope you’re motivated to #create and share beautiful works that are inspired by the lives of Black Men and Black Women of the past and or today who have impacted the way that we now live. #BlackHistoryMonth 🎤✅ For those who have interest in #Poetry and #Art that is #created in any format using #words as the foundation, please join the #WordArt #Community at as many of the events listed below that your schedule will al

Mind Full of Poetry

If you have found this page, you probably have a Mind Full of #Poetry Be mindful of your thoughts , put them down on paper and consider sharing them at the next #openmic An in person event hosted by: Miss Mabeline If you're not into open mic's share your thoughts below in the comments section. I am interested in your poetic thoughts and am sure that you have a MIND FULL OF THEM. Hoping to see you soon. Until then, keep writing #friends

Is poetry really your thing?

Many people often ask themselves this question. I would follow that up with the fact that everyone is capable of writing, but some are naturally better than others. Meaning the words just flow out of them and what better place to land than paper. Right? The paper is a safe place. You can go back and add or edit once you find the time. The more time you spend doing anything, the better you will become at doing it. Moral of the story: If you want poetry to really be your thi

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